Car Manufacturer Builds Community on AvidCircle to Improve Customer Centricity and Build In-house Insights

the client

A Global Automotive Company

Their Problem

The client’s customer centricity had failed due to a lack of effective communication with their consumers. The features introduced in new models failed to resonate with the crowd. Their sales were on a downward trend.

Their Goal(s)

To engage with and understand their customers’ needs and requirements from existing and upcoming car models. To gauge the perception of the brand, its models, particular features, concept ideas - in real time.

Our Solution

AvidCircle was our answer to the Client! This product could be used as a digital space to meaningfully engage by building a custom community of its consumers. Moreover, they can also gain access to Avidestal’s internal consumer communities to unlock insights, by active or passive participation, which would otherwise be unavailable to them.

Their Success

The client had a new model design underway during the creation of their custom community in AvidCircle. They were immediately able to begin deriving specific and crucial consumer insights, whose results pushed their board to call for a redesign. This model is currently performing much better compared to their previous models. Further, the client’s online community is acting as an incubator for creating loyal consumers through engagement and smart incentivization. The consumers are now more connected to the brand, which has resulted in enhanced brand equity.

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